An Expert on Plastic Gloves

    As a professional manufacturer of plastic gloves, Zhonghong Pulin  Medical Products  Co., Ltd. is dedicated to researching, developing, manufacturing and selling vinyl gloves and nitrile gloves and insists on occupying international high-end markets relying on high quality products and technical innovation. Carrying the hope of internationalization of Chinese enterprises, Zhonghong Pulin possesses high quality products, endeavors to develop a standard and high-efficient R&D and production system and constantly improves its capacity of R&D and productivity. The company is the leader of the glove field depending on 50 vinyl glove production lines, 16 nitrile glove production lines and its annual output of 8.2 billion gloves. The standard operation, professional manufacture, diversified products, fine management, sincerity and professional service form the core competences of Zhonghong Pulin.

Standard Operation and Professional Manufacture

    The company owns 7 manufacturing plants and sets up professional R&D center which ensure the stability of delivery and can fully meet the requirements of different clients.
    No.1 Plastic Plant: 8 double-former nitrile glove production lines with an annual output of 1.6 billion gloves.
    No.2 Plastic Plant: 14 vinyl glove production lines with an annual output of 1.4 billion gloves.
    No.3 Plastic Plant: 8 vinyl glove production lines with an annual output of 800 million gloves. It is a professional glove production base for Japanese medical market.
    No.4 Plastic Plant: 8 vinyl medical glove production lines with an annualoutput of 800 million medical gloves. It is a production base of stretchy vinyl gloves, anti-static & dust-free gloves and 12-inch gloves.
    No.5 Plastic Plant: 20 vinyl glove production lines with an annual output of 2 billion gloves. It is a professional production base of American medical gloves.
    No.6 Plastic Plant: 8 double-former nitrile glove production lines with an annual output of 1.6 billion gloves with different specifications, various colors, powdered and powder-free.
    No.7 Plastic Plant: It is equipped with internationally leading high-end printing equipment such as German Heidelberg and Japanese Akiyama which can meet the packing requirements of all products.
    Sales Company: It is a qualified and responsible marketing team. Over ten years’ professional services, it has gained wide praises and recognitions from clients.
    Purchasing Company: It lowers the purchasing costs through invitation to tender, bidding and on-line purchasing, which guarantees the supply of raw materials and auxiliary materials to ensure normal production.
    Beijing Research Institute: To conclude and technological cooperation agreement with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, take advantage of professional colleges and universities of science and technology, a professional R&D team, the introduction of advanced scientific research equipment, and plastic gloves products on the basis of technology and new product development. Research and testing center, research and development production base, comprehensive administration department.

Diversified products cluster

The company can produce 5 billion vinyl gloves, among which American medical gloves are 3 billion, Japanese and European medical gloves are 1.5 billion and gloves for food and industrial grade are 500 million. The annual output of nitrile gloves is 3.2 billion, over 98% of which are American, Japanese and European medical gloves. Vinyl and nitrile gloves can be produced according to the requirements of clients, such as powdered or power-free gloves, blue, green, red, yellow, purple and black gloves, Extra small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra large sizes, vinyl and nitrile gloves with different thicknesses. The products also include special gloves, such as 12-inch gloves and anti-static & dust-free gloves.