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  • "Moral lecture hall", improve moral culture - "moral lecture hall" with social responsibility.

  • United, fight against "SARS", during the period of "SARS" in 2003 the company donated the PVC gloves is equivalent to 1 million yuan.

  • 2004 donate to the Indian Ocean tsunami regions.

  • Donate to the poor and in need care staff about 2 million Yuan.

  • Donate more than 1 million Yuan to support construction of sichuan wenchuan earthquake disaster area in 2008

  • Support the new rural construction of 20 million Yuan, won the hebei province bright star.

  • Energy conservation and emissions reduction, environmental protection, green development, corporate social responsibilities.

  • 2007 donation to support construction of old revolutionary base areas.

  • Blood donation-each year workers participate unpaid blood donation